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Rachel Reilly

Software Engineer

I'm Rachel, a Software Engineer from Chicago and lifelong creator. My background as a visual artist and writer taught me how to make in a way that transcends disciplines. My creative work taught me to find solutions to my own problems by dissecting the work of others and adapting their solutions, as well as the importance of structure as a driving force in creation.

I take all of this into my approach to coding; I strive to write code that is clear, logical, and reusable. I enjoy learning new things and adding new techniques to my problem-solving toolbox. I write clean, well structured code with ES6-and-newer JavaScript features.

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React Node Express CSS3 PostgreSQL

Sliced is a web app that saves recipes and dynamically scales their ingredients by increments of 1/4.

Spaced Repetition

React Node Express CSS3 PostgreSQL

Spaced Repetition is a language learning app that uses a linked-list algorithm to generate a series of Latin vocabulary words based on how frequently the words are answered correctly.

GraphQL Bookshelf

React Apollo CSS3 GraphQL Node Express

This full-stack project explores types and the connections between data in GraphQL.

One Dimensional Chess

React CSS3

One Dimensional Chess is a static two-player game that follows Glimne's rules for the game.

Loan Calculator

React CSS3

A loan calculator that uses a reducer for state management.


React Node Express CSS3 PostgreSQL

Init is a social media platform for developers to connect over their work. Init was created by Rachel Reilly, Adyceum Magna Ccarri, Trevor J Alt, and Steven Henderson for the final capstone at Thinkful's Engineering Immersion program.